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Products for Trucking

At VGM, FleetTraks™ offers an affordable satellite tracking solution for your local, regional and long haul vehicles. Our solution, FleetTraks™, will help you manage the location of your fleet as well as their speed with the ability to create reports on trip mileage, fuel costs and time traveled. Let us help you track your fleet and find ways to save on each trip along the way! For trucking companies FleetTraks will provide a IFTA report showing exact miles for each state traveled in by your drivers each week.

FleetTraks™ delivers real time driving data straight to your internet-based computer while generating numerous management reports including Idle Time Fleet Summary and Dashboard Fleet Performance Summary. The value that you can achieve from knowing this real time information adds up quickly. Check out these the testimonials from others using FleetTraks™.

Contact us for a free live demo or FleetTraks™ hardware quote for your specific fleet!

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