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Products for Families

With VGM Fleet Solutions, you no longer need to worry about your inexperienced teen drivers, elderly loved ones behind the wheel or simply family members that drive frequently or encounter potentially dangerous situations. Our mobile solution SafetyTraks™ provides real time tracking and speed reporting from any vehicle in your family to your internet-enabled computer.

Teen Drivers

Most parents know their teens drive differently with them in the car than they do with their peers in the car. When driving alone or with their peers, teens are inundated with quick decisions that they are not always prepared to make. SafetyTraks™ allows you to see where your teen's car is and how fast they are going, giving you a sense of being in the passenger seat next to them. This technology may also help you qualify for an auto insurance discount!

Elderly Drivers

With SafetyTraks™, adult parents may also track their elderly loved ones who may be leaving the house to drive to the grocery store or the home of a friend's for cards. You can monitor the location and speed to determine whether your loved one may be traveling too slowly to keep themselves or others safe on a busy roadway.

Safety Seekers

SafetyTraks™ also provides ease of mind for those simply worried about their family members who are frequently on the road. For real estate agents or social workers who are put in potentially dangerous situations every day, this technology helps family members watch the length of time their loved one is at a home or place of business.

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